About Katie McKenna

Katie McKennaKatie McKenna is the founder and Principal of Working Knowledge, a consulting firm that provides strategy and stakeholder engagement for documentary and academic projects.

Katie has over a decade of experience producing documentary and digital content. In 2010, she produced Inside Disaster Haiti, an award-winning educational website and interactive documentary about the Haiti earthquake which combined powerful footage from Haiti with top-tier academic research and an advisory board drawn from the London School of Economics, UNHCR, and MSF. Recently, she led research and content for TV Ontario’s online contribution to the global Why Poverty? project, involving 70 broadcasters and reaching 500 million viewers around the world.

In 2004, Katie co-produced Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s documentary The Take, which won numerous awards and was released theatrically around the world. In 2006, she wrote and directed The Year Before, a verite-style documentary following four very different young men through their last year of high school, for the National Film Board of Canada.

McKenna holds a Masters of Global Politics with Distinction from the London School of Economics. Her graduate studies included coursework in Complex Emergencies, Managing Humanitarianism, and HIV/ AIDS and Other Emerging Health Threats, and her graduate thesis explored how digital networks can increase transparency, stakeholder input and accountability within global organizations.

McKenna is a National Board member of the Documentary Organization of Canada, and an Honorary Board member of the Haitian student group Fonds d’Action pour le Développement (FAD Haiti). She is a certified Partnership Broker, and a prolific public speaker who has presented on digital communication and humanitarian topics at conferences, workshops and festivals across North America and Europe.

A bilingual Montrealer, McKenna currently works and lives in Toronto, with her husband, Matt Thompson.

2 thoughts on “About Katie McKenna

  1. We are on our way to Santa Teresa (waiting for Sansa Air in San Jose) and have read your blog. Thank you so much for this. Lots of interesting and useful tips. Much appreciated.

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